Monday, July 11, 2011

Deagan's Kitchen and Bar

Tonight was my second trip to Deagan's - first was only drinks, though.

I forgot take pics until it was too late, sorry!

Anyway, this place is really great. Nice casual vibe, a nice mix of metal and rustic decor, with a pretty eclectic menu. The beer list is long, and they have some interesting nightly specials. Tonight, all wine bottles were half off - a great deal for wine drinkers!

After starting with two of our favorite beers, Leinenkugal Summer Shandy and Ommegang Witte, we went with:
Bangers and mash - the sausage was flavorful, the mashed potatoes were like a big of whipped heaven, and the porter gloss was incredible.

Spicy shrimp tacos - perfectly-cooked shrimp, with creamy, smashed avocado and a spicy sauce topped with fresh cilantro. There were so many flavors in these tacos - a delicious mix of hot and cool, all wrapped in the softest tortilla I've ever had. Very good!

Crisp eggplant - Two large slices of eggplant that were breaded, fried and rolled and stuffed with cheese. Served with a chunky tomato sauce and fresh arugula. These were great, but I was so full from the tacos that I could only each half of one piece. No worries, though, now I have lunch for tomorrow!

While the food was great, the one less-than-perfect thing about the experience was the service. Our server just seemed a little too busy and rushed. But, that definitely won't stop us from coming back many more times. If you haven't given this place a try, you absolutely should soon.

Check it out:
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  1. Krystina,

    Thanks for visiting my restaurant and taking the time to blog about. I'm glad you liked everything and hope you can make it back.