Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Restaurant favorite revamped

A few years ago, I had an amazing pasta dish at Lolita. It involved pappardelle and braised beef, and the only other thing I remember is that it was absolutely delicious. Well, that dish popped up in my mind as I planned this week's menu, so I decided to try my own version:

Pappardelle with slow-roasted beef and crispy carmelized onions

This is a perfect weeknight meal, since it mostly cooks while you're at work. This morning, I put a small roast in my crock pot, covered it with beef consommé (make it easy and use a can of Campbell's like I did) and set it on low. About nine hours later, I prepared the rest of the meal. While the pasta cooked, I fried a thin onion slices in a little oil, on high at first to make them crispy, then on low to let them brown. In the meantime, I shredded the beef while it was still in the crock pot. Once the pasta was cooked, I transferred it into the pan with the onions, added the beef and all the delicious juices from the crock pot and mixed it all together. Luckily, we had enough leftovers for tomorrow, since I probably won't feel like cooking during the ice storm we're supposed to get.


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